Phillips Space Scholar

I interned at the AFRL for the summer of 2017 and worked on a project for a spacecraft attitude determination and control testbed. My primary focus was establishing a real time attitude visualization application. I configured a mesh network to stream onboard data to a 3D animation that simulated the testbed’s attitude on a spacecraft or satellite. I built an orbital propagator to simulate the spacecraft/satellite while in orbit and implemented the simulation engine in Simulink. The attitude simulator is equipped with a control panel GUI, simulation engine, and data visualization pane. This work was done in Matlab and Simulink.


Undergraduate Researcher

I worked at the Hybrid Systems Lab for the summer of 2016 where I designed and built an engine for an obstacle avoidance test bed for small radio controlled quadcopters. We use a motion capture system to relay information to the engine that controls the quadcopters and determines the optimal trajectory for the quadcopters to take in the event of an incoming projectile. The obstacle avoidance testbed consists of a threaded framework that runs the computationally expensive trajectory planning algorithms in a separate process in an effort to minimize our sampling time for the attitude controllers of the quadcopter.


Manufacturing Engineering Intern

I worked at Arcturus UAV for the summer of 2015 manufacturing aircrafts. During my internship, I spent part of my time in the electrical engineering department and part of my time in the composites shop. In the electrical engineering department I soldered and tested control circuitry for electromechanical devices. I worked on a prototype where I built several configurations, designed a system of limit switches, and performed controlled tests on the range of motion for the actuators. I also wired and tested servos for flight control surfaces of the aircraft as well as conducted performance and durability tests on carbon fiber propellers. In the composites shop, I laid up carbon fiber/fiberglass parts and machined the hardened components for assembly preparation. I used heavy machinery and precision tools on a daily basis.